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SIS : Emerson Process Management / DeltaV SLS-1508

Emerson Process Management / DeltaV SLS-1508

Emerson extends the proven innovations of their PlantWeb® architecture to safety applications.

The resulting smart safety instrumented system provides an integrated approach to complete safety loops - from sensor to logic solver to final control element.

It also uses digital intelligence and diagnostics to enable more automated safety loop testing and other features that increase system availability while reducing life-cycle costs and easing regulatory compliance.

As a key component of this smart SIS solution, the DeltaV SIS system takes advantage of the PlantWeb architecture's digital communications and smart diagnostics within field devices to increase the availability of the whole of the Safety Instrumented Function. Scheduled partial-stroke testing of final control elements can improve the safety level, reduce the number of risky personnel trips into the field, and increase the mandatory proof test interval.

Emerson - DeltaV SLS-1508